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Conservation Abronia investigates and protects the unique and mysterious lizards of the genus Abronia and their habitat.


Conservation Heloderma combines research, habitat protection and education to protect Heloderma and its ecosystem.






The school scholarship program supports 130 high school students in Cabañas, Zacapa.


A House

for Every Home

Constructing a brighter future

by building dignified housing



The Foundation for the Endangered Species of Guatemala (FUNDESGUA) implements science-based conservation strategies rooted in local community support, to achieve and guarantee long-term viable and thriving populations of endangered endemic reptile species along with their associated biodiversity and integrated human populations on an ecosystem-wide scope. FUNDESGUA focus on the critically endangered Guatemalan Beaded Lizard (Heloderma charlesbogerti) and the also critically endangered alligator lizards of the genus Abronia, specifically the Campbell’s alligator lizard (A. campbelli). 

We conduct our conservation programs with a unique approach, that uses intense local conservation awareness as its main element, and then implements direct conservation measures with the aid of local people and communities. Recognizing the importance of the human component for conservation and its multiple links to the ecosystem, complementary we have also developed programs specifically dedicated to promoting human development. Creating true sustainability that considers both social and biological factors, with the necessary scope to solve complex conservation problems.

Join us to protect the biodiversity of Guatemala!

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