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Guatemala is one of the world’s most biodiverse countries, but it also features ongoing and often complicated conservation challenges. Many species, especially those that are endemic to the country, are critically endangered, facing a very complex set of threats related to habitat loss, weak legislation, scarcity of capacity for biodiversity protection, unsustainable practices, and widespread poverty. For this reason, at FUNDESGUA we implement a variety of activities to support biodiversity conservation and human development in Guatemala. 

Look at what we are doing!

January 2024:

Getting to know the dry forest: visiting The Dry Forest Biotope

Local people visited our protected area the "Dry Forest Biotope". Adults and children were able to immerse themselves in nature guided by biodiversity experts. These efforts raise awareness about the importance of the dry forest and connect local families with naturel.


July 2023:

Nursery of native forest species

We are getting ready for this year's planting season. Take a look at our forest nursery.

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