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Conservation  Heloderma  combines research, habitat protection and education to protect the  Heloderma  and its ecosystem.

Heloderma Conservation aims to protect the most important conservation icon in Guatemala: The Guatemalan beaded lizard, Heloderma charlesbogerti. Being such a unique and endangered species and inhabiting one of the least known and most threatened ecosystems in the world, this species captivates conservationists around the world.

One of the main axes of the project is our conservation education program, which is essential to initiate and maintain effective conservation in areas heavily impacted by human activity. After many years, thanks to this awareness program, Conservation Heloderma relies heavily on the volunteerism, support, and collaboration of the local population to achieve direct and lasting conservation actions.

Preserving forest remnants in an ecological state of sufficient quality to sustain Heloderma populations in Guatemala is the main priority of Heloderma Conservation. So currently in alliance with landowners that land with high quality habitat, we have created a system of protected areas that conserves 600 ha of Heloderma habitat, and each year we join forces with more local people to continue adding more hectares dedicated to the dry forest conservation.


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