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A House for
Every Home

Manufacturing a better future through the annual construction of a decent home for a Guatemalan family.

Our conservation trips to different habitats within Guatemalan territory put us in contact with many people of diverse origins. Although Guatemala is a rich and diverse country in natural and human resources, it suffers from high rates of poverty, with approximately 60.0% of the population living in poverty of which 23.4% are considered to be living in extreme poverty. This ensures that there are people with serious deficiencies and housing needs.


Extreme poverty can force people to depend on livelihoods that are not sustainable in the long term, either for the environment or for families. Housing conditions are the basis of many important factors for integral development such as physical, emotional and cognitive state.

Providing decent housing is one of the best ways to combat poverty and promote development. Convinced that the conservation of biodiversity and human development are complementary to each other, each year we build a house to improve the quality of life of a family in crisis.


The families we support work hard to provide better opportunities for their loved ones, and they have the ability to maintain joy and hope even in the most difficult times. That is why it is an honor for us to help them and provide a family that already has a loving home; decent housing.



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